Mehdi Hassine

Music Producer ♦︎ Sound Supervisor ♦︎ Educator

Mehdi is an Avid Certified Expert Instructor, award-winning lecturer and course developer for leading institutions (Musicians Institute, Berklee College of Music, Video Symphony, AFI, Shepherd University). 

For select aspiring and established creative professionals and facilities, he provides accelerated and customized training and consultations in a wide array of audio and visual specialties:

  • Audio Engineering and Music Production
  • Post-Production Audio and Sound Supervision
  • Artist Development and Creative Careers Counseling
  • Live Performance Production for Performers and Engineers
  • Video Production and Post-Production
  • Photography and Cinematography

Sessions can be provided worldwide, on-site or via internet. A well-appointed private training suite is also available in downtown Los Angeles with hospitality and accommodation for traveling students.